Support with Sarah

Are you an entrepreneurial parent?

You’re probably great at what you do professionally, you probably help loads of people and have probably done a lot of personal development and training.

However, do you ever feel like when it comes to communicating with your own child(ren) in the moment it’s a real struggle to navigate?

Do you want to parent using gentle, conscious approaches (rather than using the rewards and punishments that you grew up with, and know are not working anyway!) but you’re not sure what to do? They get angry and shout, you start out trying to be patient and understanding of their frustration, but then end up shouting too and feeling really rubbish about it?

Do you feel like it’s been going on long enough and you need help but you have trawled the Internet, tried Tiktok videos, podcasts, books and blogs on parenting and nothing seems to work for you or your children?

If this sounds like you – you are not alone, Sarah can help you just like she’s helped hundreds of parents go from surviving to thriving. Choose between:

121 coaching

for you (and any co-parents) over 12 months with a bespoke transformative process which allows Sarah to really tailor her support to your specific situation

Group support

lifetime access to a comprehensive curriculum of transformational conscious parenting courses plus regular group coaching sessions with Sarah

Solo support

Let’s hear from my clients

Sarah has worked with many people who have needed support with their family life, business or a combination of both. She can deliver 121 support both directly via phone or video calls or asynchronistically using voice notes, texts and video messages.
These transformations came from people who discovered the benefits of having a Sarah in their pocket.

Bringing balance to both your business and your family

Giving you the family life you always desired

Helping you with your soul-led business

Always in your corner, even in the roundest of rooms!

If you want to get these results for yourself, request a call to find out how.

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