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What is the Conscious Parenting Mastermind?:

My exclusive mastermind space, designed to give you comprehensive practical, mindset and energetic support, consistently over time.

A container for parents who want to get conscious and gentle approaches really working in your life. So you can have a harmonious and happy family whilst you are growing your legacy and impact.

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The kind of results people get are:

You’ll have access to:

– How To Talk So Kids Will Listen
– 4 Steps To Help Your Child Manage Their Big Emotions
– Parenting for Professionals
– Monthly group coaching calls
– Mindset audio series
– Wellbeing sessions
– Private mastermind group
(worth £3,121)

Sarah Parkes
Parent of 3 and legacy coach

I help you to grow a positive parenting legacy, that empowers the next generation, without sacrificing yourself or your values. I’m an Amazon best selling author of the Awakening Legacy book, and have supported parents for 13 years with creating healthy family dynamics and respectful communication.
I bring a transformational combination of gentle parenting, mindset, energy mastery and business strategy. All so you can enjoy consciously creating your family and business legacies.

What is Conscious Parenting?

Conscious parenting is about tuning in to become aware of the impact (both positive and negative) of the way you were parented, how you are parenting, how you intend to parent, and of the legacy this then creates for your child. It’s becoming awake to your unconscious, intuitive self, your feelings, your tone of voice, choice of words, body language, and bringing intention to them.

What is working with Sarah Like?

“These skills make a difference. Getting involved with Sarah’s courses will be invaluable and change how you see and manage your children (and your partners and friends!). You will also benefit from Sarah’s years of experience and in-depth knowledge.”

– Kathryn Smith, Child Psychologist

Kathryn signed up for my courses to see if they could help her professionally (as a child Psychologist). She experienced a depth and structure which enhanced her training. Since, she has seen these skills work well with parents whose children were waiting for support from CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.) Their children were able to come off the waiting list because of the improvements!

Here’s what some of my other clients have to say about working with me.

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